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Brussels after the victory of the national team of Belgium over the Russian national team in the qualifying round of Euro-2020 continues to live its serene life. People scurry back and forth, walk, look at the monuments and enjoy the good weather, and we will rush from here to Astana or Nursultan, as it will now be called. There, the Russian team will hold the second Euro-2020 qualifying match against Kazakhstan.

The national team of Kazakhstan, of course, surprised everyone with the defeat of the national team of Scotland. It is clear that there are certain nuances in the game in Astana. This is a long-distance flight, and an artificial field, and the time difference. The Scots simply were not ready for this. I hope that the slap, which the Scots got, the Russian team will adopt and try to play a little differently than against the Belgian team. It is clear that Belgium is another planet, it is clear that the Belgians work with the ball in a completely different way, they think very differently, think faster, perform faster. The Russian national team at this level, to be honest, is not very competitive.

The national team of Kazakhstan is not that our opponent, but an opponent with whom even in these difficult conditions, on an artificial field, with a difference in time after a long flight, the Russian national team must confirm its class. Still, we should not forget that we are from the quarterfinals of the World Cup, and Kazakhstan still can’t qualify for some big tournament.

It seems to me that Cherchesov will make certain changes. Yes, it will not be Golovin, yes, we know that Kuzyaev was injured, not called up to the Barinov team. But there can be structural changes from the point of view of the scheme, Russia may have. The game of three defenders, frankly, was not impressed, and Kazakhstan has players who are worth paying attention to. There is a Zainutdinov known to us from Rostov. There is Alexander Merkel, who could play for the Russian national team. There are other curious guys. The victory of 3: 0 over the Scots should make the Russian team take the home team seriously and respectfully.

But, I repeat, if we change the game a little bit, if we are more confident in our strength, not self-confident, but sure, then the Russian team, despite all the above-mentioned conditions, must beat the Kazakhs. My prediction for the match Kazakhstan - Russia in Astana on an artificial field is the victory of the guests. The Russian national team will win and on the Vinlein website it is rated at 1,88.

These are only my thoughts, and then you’ll think further only with your head and risk your money, so I don’t need to write any comments in the comments ... I don’t. If we win, please praise, I will read it all with pleasure. If an unsuccessful bid, it is better even I will not go. Therefore, we are watching football, good luck to the Russian national team. I comment on this game with Andrei Arshavin. We will try to be lucky commentators for Stanislav Cherchesov and the national team. Watching football!

Read about the odds and rates for the match Kazakhstan - Russia from the bookmakers of Russia.

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